Physician’s Promise


Physician’s Promise at Speedmont Farm is the first and only concierge medical practice in the area. Our facility was created by renovating 1200 square feet of personal living space into a cutting-edge medical office. Please accept a warm welcome from my family and I as we welcome you to our home...your new medical home.

---Dr. Homer L. Schreckengost



Name: Physician’s Promise LLC.

Physician: Homer L. Schreckengost, D.O.

Practice Type: Concierge

Mission Statement

We promise to provide personalized and preventive healthcare services to every patient.


*Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


*Lyme Disease

*HormoneImbalances/Bio-Identical Hormones

*Thyroid Disorders

*Autoimmune Disorders

*Homeopathy/Natural Healing

*Osteopathic Manipulation

*Cranial Sacral Therapy

*Weight Loss

*Bowel Disorders

*Cardiovascular Disorders



*Urologic Conditions


*Skin Disorders

*Pediatric Sports Development



548 E. Brady Rd.

Kittanning, PA 16201


Phone: 724-548-1230

Fax: 724-548-1158


About Us

How Does Physician’s Promise Differ From Other Medical Practices?

At Physician’s Promise, our attention to detail and focus on the patient set us apart from the rest. We do not take a band-aid approach to medicine. When you come to us with symptoms that are impacting your health, we do not treat your symptoms and mask the rest of the problem. We work hard to uncover what is causing your symptoms and go directly to the source to develop a personalized treatment plan.

Unlike most traditional medical practices, we don’t just want to see you when you are sick. Once your health is optimized, we continue to work with you so that you receive the resources that you need to keep your body functioning properly. We aren’t just there for you when you’re not feeling well...our commitment is to be there for you always and our goal is prevention.


Why Should I Join a Concierge Practice?

In today’s traditional medical practices there are long waits to get appointments, long waits in the waiting room, difficulty speaking directly with the doctor before or after office hours, and short, hurried appointments when the doctor is finally able to see you. This creates frustration and inconvenience. Importantly, diagnostic clues may be overlooked and potentially catastrophic errors are made due to the strained nature of the system. Concierge practices, like Physician’s Promise, significantly reduce these inconveniences allowing continuous and consistent access to quality medical care.