Three cheers for beer! Wait, not so fast.

Watching the 11 o’clock news a few nights ago, a reporter on a CBS affiliate stated that new research showed that beer could be healthy for those with a diagnosis of diabetes, cancer, and other diseases.  This prompted me to review the research associated with this study.

Like a good scholar, I searched for important information such as who conducted and funded the study and how many subjects participated.  With a little digging, I found that the study was performed by a group of chemists from the University of Washington and it was funded by a Seattle pharmaceutical firm named KinDex Therapeutics.  The article was published in a German chemistry journal known as Angewandte Chemie International Edition.

Unfortunately, the media stretched the truth when reporting this study leading the general public to assume that it is medically reasonable to consume beer to improve the diagnosis of diabetes or cancer.  The truth is that it is the hops in the beer that has beneficial health effects. The other components in beer make it a questionable addition to one’s diet.

Beer is mainly comprised of water, barley, hops, and yeast. All components in the beer play a role in your health. You need to ask yourself these questions: Is the water used to make the beer fluorinated or chemically treated? Are the breweries using genetically modified barley?  There are very few organic beers on the market and a large portion of the beer that is consumed is conventional or non-organic, making it highly probable that you are consuming GMO ingredients.  The same applies to the hops.  Last, but definitely not least is YEAST! Yeast is a major health issue in the United States, and for that matter the world.  Many unanswered medical symptoms are from yeast (candida) infestations.

Overall, I am concerned with the recommendation that people should consume yeast or products, such as beer, that feed yeast. I encourage you to listen closely to reports like these, and then investigate them on your own before jumping onto any bandwagon.  Many of my patients struggle with conditions that can be worsened by beer despite the helpful properties of hops.

If you are looking for hops to be included in your wellness regimen, there are several products in my practice that incorporate their use. Thyromend, Estromend, Quell fish oil, Kaprex, and Kaprex AI are examples of a few.  Ask me next time you stop in and I will help you determine which supplements would be the right fit for you.