Nature’s Antibiotic?

As a physician, I will not deny that there is a time and place when traditional medicines are absolutely necessary. However, I will be among the first to say that the overuse of antibiotics is too common in most situations. In a society where antibiotic overuse is also prevalent in our non-organic food supplies, it is important to find ways to aid our body’s natural defenses when possible.

What if I told you that there was a natural supplement that has been researched and proven to work better than antibiotics and can also be taken on a daily, precautionary basis? It’s true. Wild mediterranean oil of oregano may be the most powerful germ killer across all classes.  It is scientifically proven to be active against almost every virus, bacteria, parasite, fungi, and yeast known to man.  It has also been proven to have a clean long-term safety profile.

Wild mediterranean oil of oregano, or oregano (P-73) as it’s often called, has been used to treat athlete’s foot, candida, cold sores, gum disease, headaches, toothaches, sinus disease, and it aids in digestion. But, that’s just the beginning. A study by Georgetown University found that oregano (P-73) was equivalent to Vancomycin, which is a powerful antibiotic used to treat drug-resistant staph infections.What’s even more noteworthy was the fact that the subjects who were given the oregano (P-73) were healthier than those given the drug.

A benefit of natural compounds, like oregano (P-73), is that they can be given in relatively large doses without toxicity. Conversely, synthetic drugs, like Vancomycin, must be administered with great care due to the risk of organ damage or even death.

Oregano (P-73) works in the body to inhibit the growth of pathogens. It creates an environment where pathogens do not want to inhabit. It is safe for daily consumption, as a preventative medicine, and does not build up resistance to pathogens like long-term antibiotic use.

Wild mediterranean oregano has also been studied extensively in children.  It has been proven to be safe for long-term daily use in prevention and treatment of infections. On a personal note, all five of my children take oregano (P-73) on a routine basis and thankfully, there have been very few times in their lives when they’ve actually required antibiotic treatment. My wife swears by the power of (P-73) and is also a believer in a supplement called Physician’s Strength Oregacillin, which has dramatically improved her sinus and respiratory health. In my practice, it has proven to be a great aid for patients who suffer from chronic allergies.

An important fact to beware of is that only the wild mediterranean variant (P-73) has been shown to have the above capabilities in all scientific studies.  Physician’s Strength (Oreganol P-73) Oil of Oregano, unlike all other strains (62 different strains) of oregano, has more than just anti-oxidant effects.  Based on the minerals and ionic charge of the soil in the Mediterranean region, the oregano develops different characteristics that separates it from the other strains. When you are looking for nature’s antibiotic, make sure you are purchasing the P-73 variant.