Organic produce at Kittanning Walmart

Hello everyone! As many of you have found out, it can be difficult to find organic produce in and around the Kittanning area; especially in the winter. My husband and I are strong supporters of living organically, and in the winter time are often forced to drive longer distances to find the produce that we need. Although we are not in any way, endorsing our local Kittanning Walmart, I felt it necessary to get the word out that they are starting to carry organic produce and other products. In our area, this is a big deal as we struggle to have these products available on a routine basis. For those of you on the Optimal Wellness Plan, I know how difficult it can be to find organic items that you require to stay well. I have included a list of a few organic items that were stocked at the Kittanning Walmart as of today: Hass avocados, green onions, carrots, grape tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, and yellow onions. I also must say that the prices were reasonable. So spread the word. Hopefully, we will no longer be at a disadvantage.

One thought on “Organic produce at Kittanning Walmart

  1. Sprankle’s Market in downtown Kittanning is looking into carrying some organic produce as well as requested by several of their customers. To date, I don’t believe they have started yet.

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