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Recent research has revealed how important the relationship is between food and our immune system. Roger Davis of Cell Science Systems, has stated that food interacts with our immune system affecting metabolism in ways that can be either beneficial or detrimental. Chronic activation of the immune system and the chronic inflammation that it produces is not only the common feature of modern diseases of aging, but also it’s major underlying cause. The wrong food, although it may be healthful for most people, will induce inflammation. The immune system aims to damage the food, which it mistakes as a harmful invader, such as a bacteria, parasite, or virus, but also ends up damaging our own body. Long-term exposure can even trigger auto immunity, where the immune system actively attacks our own tissues and bodily structure. We have commonly heard the phrase, “one man’s meat is another man’s poison.” With food and our body, this could not be more true.

The exciting news is that there is a very reliable and scientifically based test called the ALCAT that can tell you which foods are beneficial to your body, and which foods are your poisons. The ALCAT Test, which has been available for over 25 years, identifies cellular reactions to over 350 foods, chemicals and herbs. These inflammatory reactions are linked to chronic health problems like obesity and diabetes, as well as skin, heart, joint, and digestive disorders. In fact, the ALCAT is so recognized, that many professional athletes and sports teams have turned to ALCAT testing to enhance the performance of many of their players.

On a personal note, I have used the ALCAT to determine food sensitivities in my 10 year old son. It turned out that he had many sensitivities that we are now working on, but most importantly, a severe reaction to whey, which is a protein found in all cow and goat milk products including cheese, yogurt, butter, and many processed foods; all foods which he loved and consumed on a daily basis. Since removing these foods from his diet, he has seen a dramatic improvement in his sinuses (no longer congested) and most importantly decreased joint pain and swelling that he was battling from a hockey injury. It just so happens that his sensitivity to whey caused him to be more susceptible to athletic injuries. I am happy to say that since the removal of whey from his diet, he is stronger and faster on his skates than he’s ever been. It’s such a relief to see him enjoy what he’s doing and knowing that his body is getting the right foods to fuel his energy and recovery.

To learn more about the ALCAT, please visit their website by clicking here. If you have any questions, please contact me and I would love to answer them for you. The ALCAT is a very simple blood test that can be performed quickly and easily in the office and then sent out the same day.