Is “natural” good for you?

For those of you who still think conventional versus organic doesn’t matter, I have a video for you to watch; especially if you think you can compromise by buying a cheaper, natural label. It’s full of humor to make a good point so don’t worry about nodding off. It sheds light on the big, billion dollar food industry in a funny way. It’s one you don’t want to miss! Here’s the link:

One thought on “Is “natural” good for you?

  1. Did you know some of the backers of this campaign although they may have started out as organic sold out to big Ag. Stonyfield & Happy Family – Dannon, Honest Tea – Coke, Earthbound – White Wave, Late July – Synder/Lance Foods. The best way to truly know what your eating is free from synthetic herbicides/pesticides and non-GMO is to know your farmer and the source of your food. Please do let this campaign impact the viability of many small farms (like ourselves) who choose to utilize the Certified Naturally Grown label to indicate their “organic” standards. Check out….

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