Stem Cell Therapy

Regenerative Medicine 
Physician’s Promise is now offering stem-cell therapy as well as other regenerative modalities in both locations. We are excited to advance patient care to a whole new level!


What is Regenerative medicine? It’s all about helping our cells, tissues, and organs to work properly. This type of medicine is attentive to the way our cells live and function every day.


You have trillions of cells in your body and they’re constantly regenerating. That’s how we can safely donate blood, get a haircut, and heal from a broken bone. Some types of cells regenerate themselves quickly. An example would include stomach cells that have a lifespan of 2-9 days. Others last much longer, like red blood cells, with a 3-4 month lifespan. The foundation of regenerative medicine focuses on regenerating cells.


So, if a set of cells in your body is failing or working poorly, there are basically three options; cell death, replacement, or regeneration. Obviously, cell death applies to when an organ or tissue is no longer viable. Replacement is essentially what occurs with transplantation, when you take tissue from a donor and replace the failing tissue with donor tissue. Regeneration incorporates immature cells and nourishing supplements that help regenerate the damaged tissue and encourage self-healing. Regeneration is the future of healthcare.  


Regenerative medicine allows what was previously impossible to be a viable healthcare option. Some examples include reversing the effects of the aging process, organ failure, chronic wounds, and lifestyle disease.


Ask me about “Regenerative” options the next time you are in the office or contact me via email to see if it is an option for you. Consider regenerative medicine if you or a loved one suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease or degenerative neurological disorders, degenerative joint disease, soft tissue injury, or autoimmune disease.


Homer L. Schreckengost, D.O.